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The Bail Process

Bail is a cash pledge to a court guaranteeing that, if released, the suspect will return for trial or forfeit the bail.

After you been booked, a bail amount will be set for your release. At this point, call Big Brothers to start the bail bond process and help your family member or friend post bail.

A bail bond involves an agreement between Big Brothers and the individual posting bail. Big Brothers posts the a bond for the bail and guarantees the court that the defendant will appear in court each time they are required to. The defendant is charged a percentage of the bail amount, but if he/she fails to return to court, the defendant is responsible for the full amount of the bail and any expenses Big Brothers incurs while finding the defendant.

At Big Brothers Bail Bonds, it is our honor to provide service to each and every client in the Norman, Oklahoma area.

Big Brothers charges a one time fee unlike other pretrial programs that have recurring fees.   

We strive to offer the best service at affordable rates to make the bail bond process as stress free as possible for you and your family. Don't settle for bail bonding services that are inexperienced, cheap and inefficient. With our experience and dedication, you will be back with loved ones and friends as soon as possible.

Whether it's you, a family member or even a friend, we will guide you, explaining each step in the bail process and being up front with you on everything involved.

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